The weekend warrior

I get it, its Friday night and you’ve worked hard all week. You’ve eaten ‘clean” and hit legs bums and tums, pump and abs class. You deserve a night on the town.

Now I love going out and I never tell my clients not to do so. Being around your friends, the feeling of freedom from work and going to your favourite bars and clubs is a great way to unwind.

Now if you are smart about it you can enjoy a night out and still stay on track.


What usually happens is once that first drink touches your lips a chain reaction occurs that leads you straight to Monday regretting you were born.

You drank an assortment of high calorie drinks and ate takeaway on the way home causing you to go miles over your calorie intake for the day. Saturday you feel horrendous so you fancy a full breakfast or worse still a Maccie Ds because you cant be bothered cooking. You don’t move much all day as you just want to hug the cat, and proceed to snack on nibbles all day before ordering a pizza for dinner.

Then the group chat gets lit and before you know it you are out again and repeat…

If you are on your weight loss journey just be mindful, the weekend is where all the hard work gets undone and you get that feeling you aren’t getting anywhere. By all means enjoy yourself but implement these 3 tips and you’ll feel less guilty on Monday

Train Saturday morning. Not only will this offset any extra calories you consume over the day, it will put you in a great mood for the start of your weekend and keep you in Friday night.
Go for a massive walk Sunday. Again any extra calories you can burn at the weekend that you wouldn’t normally is going to balance out any extra calories consumed. But there are also huge benefits to your health and well being by getting out into the fresh air.
Be smart with food and drink choices. Im not saying take a tuppawear of chicken and broccoli out with you to a restaurant but there will always be tasty alternatives that aren’t quite as calorie dense. Don’t have full fat coke, maybe leave the extra fries. Little things like this add up in your favour. The same with booze. A pint of beer is 250cals and a GnSlim T is 80cals.

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