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This photo isn’t new as anyone who follows me on instagram will know however I need to get it on here now / I want to illustrate what any of you can achieve (and most know what Im like at the weekend so you know where I’m coming from, Im just like everyone else I’m not an athlete nor train for a living ) / this took 8 months, I wasn’t in the gym every day or restricting myself to tuna and lettuce every meal nor did I stop drinking alcohol / I trained hard most of the time and trained consistently and I tracked my calorie intake to ensure I was in a calorie deficit whilst eating sufficient protein to retain as much muscle as possible and In 8 months dropped 12% body fat. Im at around 8% on the after photo / the changes I made to my life style I implemented gradually and one at a time thus making them sustainable. So top tip for today is consistency is key and whatever you’re doing needs to be sustainable

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