Mickie Love Big mini bulk / for those of you unaware of it @mickielove_personaltraining and @__brad.__ are doing a joint bulk / for some added motivation we are competing to see who can put the most skeletal muscle mass on in 8 weeks (a bit like karate kid and Mr M) the process is going to be well documented so you ll see how we get on / I’ll still be PTing and managing his nutrition but we will do the workouts together / following this we will do an 8 week cut to reveal our games and look mint for summer / so anyone who knows me knows I like to stress the importance of having goals / so here are mine / a measurable goal so I know whether or not I am making progress / behavioural goals to better myself and aid my cause and nutritional goals for obvious reasons / if you don’t have any goals then do yourself a favourite and set some today-DM me for any help

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