The weekend warrior

The weekend warrior

The weekend warrior

I get it, its Friday night and you’ve worked hard all week. You’ve eaten ‘clean” and hit legs bums and tums, pump and abs class. You deserve a night on the town.

Now I love going out and I never tell my clients not to do so. Being around your friends, the feeling of freedom from work and going to your favourite bars and clubs is a great way to unwind.

Now if you are smart about it you can enjoy a night out and still stay on track.


What usually happens is once that first drink touches your lips a chain reaction occurs that leads you straight to Monday regretting you were born.

You drank an assortment of high calorie drinks and ate takeaway on the way home causing you to go miles over your calorie intake for the day. Saturday you feel horrendous so you fancy a full breakfast or worse still a Maccie Ds because you cant be bothered cooking. You don’t move much all day as you just want to hug the cat, and proceed to snack on nibbles all day before ordering a pizza for dinner.

Then the group chat gets lit and before you know it you are out again and repeat…

If you are on your weight loss journey just be mindful, the weekend is where all the hard work gets undone and you get that feeling you aren’t getting anywhere. By all means enjoy yourself but implement these 3 tips and you’ll feel less guilty on Monday

Train Saturday morning. Not only will this offset any extra calories you consume over the day, it will put you in a great mood for the start of your weekend and keep you in Friday night.
Go for a massive walk Sunday. Again any extra calories you can burn at the weekend that you wouldn’t normally is going to balance out any extra calories consumed. But there are also huge benefits to your health and well being by getting out into the fresh air.
Be smart with food and drink choices. Im not saying take a tuppawear of chicken and broccoli out with you to a restaurant but there will always be tasty alternatives that aren’t quite as calorie dense. Don’t have full fat coke, maybe leave the extra fries. Little things like this add up in your favour. The same with booze. A pint of beer is 250cals and a GnSlim T is 80cals.



  1. Understand calories and energy balance

The science behind fat loss is incredibly simple. You need to be in a calorie deficit, which in layman’s terms means burning more calories than you consume. And you need do this consistently over time to see results.

Hit me up and Ill send you my calorie calculator help sheet

  1. Track your calories

People often say they can’t be bothered tracking calories because it’s “too much”. Yes you can lose body fat without doing so but its guesswork. Most people want a quick fix to weight loss well this is it! Tracking your calories to ensure you stay in a calorie deficit. The foods we reach for these days are dense in calories and its far too easy to over consume hence why so many people struggle controlling their weight.

Myfitnesspal is a free app that allows you to do this

  1. Increase your NEAT (non-exercise activity thermogenesis

This is anything that isn’t specifically exercise. Climbing stairs, doing housework etc. The most popular and effective way to do this is through steps. Walk more wherever possible. Take the stairs instead of the lift, get off the bus a stop early, walk the dog more (they wont complain) or just go for a walk on your lunch break.

And an added bonus of steps is it can help reduce stress and anxiety

  1. Planning ahead

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. It’s a cheesy line but so very true, especially when it comes down to fat loss. Prepping your food in advance is vital to success. If you’ve made your own grub then you can tailor it exactly to your calories and know you are still on track.
If you are grabbing food on the go on your lunch hour you might think you have opted for a ‘healthy’ option, but you don’t have any idea how many calories you are consuming and can very easily knock yourself out of your calorie deficit.

  1. Choose wisely

Not all foods are created equal. The ones that are absolutely delicious are generally ones dense in calories and should probably be avoided during a fat loss phase.
Sweet treats for example can take a massive chunk out of your daily calorie allowance and provide very low satiety. Resulting in you needing to eat again to feel full.
Whilst following a fat loss program you ought to go for foods high in fibre and nutritional value, these foods will fill you up for longer periods of time and make you feel good from the micronutrients they contain.


45 minute sessions

1 p/w = £140 p/m + nutritional advice booklet + access to Mickie Love FB group

2 p/w = £240 p/m (saving £40) +nutritional advice booklet and 30mins home abs workout

3 p/w = £370 p/m (saving £50) + same as above

Mickie Love Big mini bulk

Mickie Love Big mini bulk / for those of you unaware of it @mickielove_personaltraining and @__brad.__ are doing a joint bulk / for some added motivation we are competing to see who can put the most skeletal muscle mass on in 8 weeks (a bit like karate kid and Mr M) the process is going to be well documented so you ll see how we get on / I’ll still be PTing and managing his nutrition but we will do the workouts together / following this we will do an 8 week cut to reveal our games and look mint for summer / so anyone who knows me knows I like to stress the importance of having goals / so here are mine / a measurable goal so I know whether or not I am making progress / behavioural goals to better myself and aid my cause and nutritional goals for obvious reasons / if you don’t have any goals then do yourself a favourite and set some today-DM me for any help

Dinner Time

Dinner time @anotherhearttofeed / absolutely loving this bulk / I’ve not been hitting my fat the last few days so avocado and eggs will sort that right out /
????????‍???? Get in touch for help with nutrition or to get on my nutrition management program

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