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A lifestyle change doesn’t mean “going hard” before an event or after Christmas just because you feel rubbish. I’m here to provide you with the tools you need to live in a body you love 12 months of the year, every single year! All without sacrificing your favourite tipple or treat.
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This is Sophie, she came to me asking for the insta babe starter pack “I want to be more toned and have a flat belly”..easy

The photos are about 3 months apart and we achieved this with just 2 sessions per week full of lifting heavy weights (not once did she step on a running machine or cross crosstrainer) and teaching Soph how to manage her nutrition a little more effectively, giving her more energy and keeping her fuller to avoid snacking on sweet treats.

Soph also saw real improvements in her energy levels and mental health, feeling much better about herself and really looking forward to her sessions each week.


This is Alison. Her goals were to get stronger, more toned and be able to do press ups and pull-ups.

I trained Alison for about 3 months, she trained twice a week with me whilst following a strength program I designed for her to do on her own at her gym.

Alison was able to do full press ups pretty quickly and eventually achieved her goal of a pull-up whilst seeing substantial gains in her weightlifting strength and all round muscle tone.


This is Brad my longest serving client. Brad had no real experience in the gym until he approached me with the goal of “I want to get big and shredded’.

Over the course of 6 months we stripped away excess body fat using high intensity workouts before packing some serious muscle using strength and conditioning style workouts.

Brad trains 3 times per week with me, has a boxing coach twice a week and tailors his food intake to his current goals using what I have taught him. This kind of dedication produces the results you see.


This is a Terry, he’s 56 and managed this in 4 weeks. Terry comes to see me just twice a week and really gives it his everything in the session.

He switched his beers for gin and slim and I taught him how to control his calorie intake in order for him to start burning fat whilst still enjoying his food and enjoying a drink at the weekend.

His sessions were a birthday present from his son but now Terry has the bug and wants to carry on and achieve more.


This is Keith, he wanted to tone up his stomach and lose his, quote “muffin top” we achieved this with just 2 sessions per week, 1 day of squash and reducing Keith’s calorie intake in a controlled fashion over the course of 4 months.

Keith got so into the nutrition he created a low calorie morning pancake recipe that I share with all my clients. Good lad Keith


This is Gemma, an online client who wanted to get in shape for her wedding. Her goals were to get under 8 stone, tone up and be able to see her abs. Gemma did exactly what I asked of her throughout the 3 months.

She stayed consistent with her calorie intake and her training program and asked me for help when she didn’t understand something.

Gemma’s husband Jamie also signed up for online training and the pair spurred each other on helping to motivate each other to stay on track and one not steer the other one of course. They both looked amazing on their special day.



Sessions are tailored to your goals, whether you want to lose a few pounds, pack on some muscle, be generally healthier or just feel better about yourself we’ll establish a start point and Ill guide and educate you through the process. Taking you through how to train properly and manage your lifestyle effectively leaving you feeling confident in your own skin and having the tools to sustain it.

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John Gemmell

Mickie has been my PT now for nearly a year. In this time he has helped me improve my fitness, lose body fat and grow muscle. He has also helped me track my macros and nutrition to keep me on track whilst not in the gym. Great coach. Highly recommended.

Alex Hill

Extremely knowledgable PT, no session was ever the same, which kept me interested. Mikey genuinely wants you to hit your targets and feels every success (and knock back) with you, which is a great support along the way. I achieved everything I wanted to when I signed up with him. Highly recommended. Great tunes too 😉

Sarah Hamlett

I've been training with Mickie for around 10 weeks now and I've never seen such a positive change in my strength, fitness, confidence and body shape. I look forward to training every single week and it's the most I've enjoyed exercising! The workouts which Mickie designed for me have helped me lose weight, tone up and be the strongest I've ever been.

Sophie Shahla

Mickie has been training me for about a year. Sessions with him are great fun and I regularly surprise myself with my strength and fitness thanks to his guidance.
He’s friendly, funny and really great motivator. He takes time to understand what I need to focus on with my nutrition, and he checks in regularly between sessions to see how I’m getting on. The studio is a really cool space too! Top coach!

Brad Parkins

I've been training with Mickie for over 2 years now and my transformation has been dramatic. I've changed from a weedy guy always picked last in sports, to a rough tough cream puff with a man about town swagger. He tailor made routines to get the best out of me and crucially helped out with my diet too. I don't say this lightly when I say training with Mike has changed my life. I'm in the best shape i've ever been in, I'm full of energy and spunk for life. I won't lie and says it been easy but the results make it all worth it. If your looking for a dedicated PT who will work as hard as you to get your results then look no further.

Nicola Irons

I regularly have PT with Mikey and I absolutely love it. I hate the gym and find it really hard to motivate myself but I never miss a session with Mikey (unless genuinely unwell). He mixes it up every week and I love that I never know what’s next. The sessions are a mix of strength training and fat burn but he can tailor to whatever you want to achieve. I’m already much stronger and more toned than when I started and I now do exercises I wouldn’t of attempted on my own. I love that I get to train in a pair with my sister as well. I can’t recommend him enough!

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